4 Custom Home Remodeling Ideas For Optimal Convenience And Comfort

Posted on: 10 February 2020

Creating a custom remodeling plan is an awesome way to give it new life and make spending time at home more enjoyable. Here are a few custom remodeling ideas for optimized comfort and convenience:

Expand Your Storage Space

Expanding your storage space is a great way to enhance convenience and minimize clutter around the house. You can remodel your home to feature more storage space in every room of your home. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Build an appliance garage in the kitchen.

  • Have customized floating shelves installed about 24 inches under the ceilings in the bathrooms.

  • Install a built-in bedframe that features end tables, a headboard, and cubby holes.

  • Have bay windows installed in the living room and have custom storage benches built beneath them.

Ask your new custom home remodeling contractor to walk through your home with you room by room to explore all your different storage options.

Enclose Your Porch

You can expand the square footage of your home and make it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors throughout the year by enclosing your front or back porch. Having a porch enclosed will allow you to hang out in the yard without having to worry about rain or strong winds.

Your screened walls will help keep pests out of the area so you can enjoy all of the comforts of indoor living without actually being inside your home. Your contractor can expand your roof to cover the porch and then enclose the sides with a combination of screen, wood, and even vinyl to create a custom look and feel of your choice.

Refinish Your Ceilings

If you are tired of looking at your old popcorn ceilings, consider refinishing them to give them a more modern look. There are several different options to consider that will turn your ceilings from drab to fab such as tin tiling, wood paneling, and even tapestries. Based on the other materials and textures that are already featured throughout your home, your remodeling contractor can provide you with a series of recommendations and samples to consider before making a final refinishing decision.

Open Up Your Floor Plan

An easy way to modernize your home and improve comfort and convenience is to simply knock a wall down between your kitchen and another room in your home such as the dining or living room. You can knock an entire wall down to turn two rooms into one big space, or just knock a wall halfway down to create an open feeling while maintaining a distinction between the rooms. Entertaining will be easier and more enjoyable, and you'll never feel isolated from the rest of your family while preparing meals.