A Few Reasons Why Vinyl Siding Is A Popular Choice To Consider For Your Home

Posted on: 11 November 2019

When your home needs new siding, you'll want to compare your choices so you find something that fits your budget and is suitable for the amount of maintenance you want to do. When you compare all your options, you may find that vinyl siding is right for you. Vinyl is a popular choice for home siding, and here are a few reasons why.

Vinyl Siding Comes In Different Forms

When you think of siding, you might think of horizontal panels, but you can also buy vertical panels, shingles, and shakes. With these different options, vinyl siding is a good match for all types of homes and architectural styles. In addition to a variety of shapes, vinyl comes in different colors, and some styles even have textures that resemble wood grain. While the early versions of vinyl siding were usually white or light pastel colors due to problems with dark colors holding heat, now you can find vinyl in dark colors, too. That makes it possible to have siding that looks like wood panels or shakes if that's the look you like.

Vinyl Siding Won't Require A Lot Of Maintenance

Vinyl is a durable material, and care is taken in the construction of siding so the vinyl lasts a long time. Vinyl siding that's bought now could last for decades. You can buy different grades of siding, and manufacturers have their own methods of construction. You should look into the thickness of the siding, added UV protection, and the siding design when you want high-quality siding that resists damage from the sun and wind. One advantage of vinyl is that it doesn't rot, so you don't have to worry about insects or water damage.

While vinyl is water-resistant, vinyl siding isn't necessarily waterproof, so manufacturers add weep holes that let water drain easily and allow air to circulate behind the panels. This further protects your home against water damage. Another advantage of vinyl is that it doesn't dent. If it's bumped or punched, it has an elastic quality that allows it to pop back into place without leaving a dent. Because of this durability, vinyl siding has low maintenance requirements.

Localized Damage Is Easy To Repair

While the siding is made to withstand strong winds, a severe storm or other type of accident might damage it. Localized repairs are usually easy to do by simply taking off the damaged panels and replacing them with new ones. This might require moving panels around to blend in the new color, but since vinyl is so lightweight, replacing a few pieces of siding might be a job you could do yourself if you feel comfortable with home improvement projects.