How To Use Crack Filler To Make Your Asphalt Driveway Last Longer

Posted on: 7 October 2019

Filling in your asphalt driveway cracks is important for helping your driveway to last longer. Cracks in the asphalt allow water to drain into the soil below, and this can slowly cause damage to the driveway. The damage could be so severe that you have to tear out your old driveway and replace it years sooner than you would need to if you had kept up with crack repair. Filling cracks is often a DIY job if you like to tackle home improvement projects. Otherwise, you can hire a paving company to fill the cracks every few years when you have a new sealcoat applied. Here's a look at how to use crack filler to repair your driveway.

Buy The Right Crack Filler For The Job

You can buy asphalt crack filler at a home improvement store. Be sure to buy filler for asphalt driveways so the filler will move along with the expansion and contraction of the asphalt. If the cracks are thin, look for filler that comes in a bottle with a pointed applicator lid or buy a caulk gun to apply the filler. If you're dealing with a large crack, then you'll want asphalt patch that you can tamp into the crack with a trowel.

Clean And Dry The Driveway First

Cracks collect dust, grit, and even weeds. All this debris has to be cleaned out of the cracks before repair work can begin. You might do this with a hose, a broom, or a pressure washer. Just be sure there is no sand or anything else in the crack to get in the way of the filler, and also be sure the surface is dry before filling the crack.

Close The Cracks With Filler

Filling thin cracks can be done by applying the filler with a caulk gun or pointed applicator. Run the tip along the crack so it fills up with the crack filler, and then use a trowel or other tool to scrape the surface flat. Wait until the next day to check your work. The filler will probably seep deep into the crack and require an additional application. Follow the instructions on the product for how long you need to wait between applications. When the crack filler stays level with the surface of the driveway, you should allow it to dry thoroughly before driving on the repaired area. This might take a couple of days.

Bigger cracks are repaired in much the same way, except it's faster and easier to fill them with a crack filler that you can apply with a trowel and tamp down. Be especially careful to scrape the top of the crack so the filler is level with the rest of the asphalt so there won't be a bump on your driveway.

Blend In Repairs With A Sealcoat

If you hire a contractor to fill the cracks, they may recommend following the repairs with a sealcoat which helps hide the repaired areas. Crack filler is usually dark black, so it will be visible on faded asphalt. A sealcoat restores the dark color of your driveway so the repairs are not as noticeable. Plus, the sealcoat helps keep rain out of the repaired areas.

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