Types Of Roof Repairs Your Home Might Need After Damage By Wind, Hail, Or Lightning

Posted on: 12 July 2019

Strong storms can be frightening when they are accompanied by loud thunder, bolts of lightning, high winds, and pounding hail. You'll probably feel safe and snug inside, but your house, particularly your roof, can take a lot of abuse during a storm and suffer from damage. Here are some damages your roof might have after a storm and the repairs you might need.

Forceful Winds That Tear Off Shingles

Roofs are made to survive strong winds, but if you have some weak or loose shingles, strong winds could rip them off or lift them so they begin to leak. When a storm passes through that has stronger than usual winds, you'll want to check your roof, even if it's from the ground, to look for loose or missing shingles. The damage may be isolated to one spot, but even if there are only a few shingles damaged, you'll want to have them repaired or replaced right away.

Hail That Dents The Shingles

Another type of storm damage to watch for is dented or cracked shingles from hail. Hail is destructive to a roof, especially if the hail is very large. When it strikes, the force can knock off granules, and a loss of granules speeds up the aging of your roof. Hail can also dent the shingles or crack them, and this allows rain to leak through. Repairing this type of storm damage could entail replacing the entire roof. A roof replacement is usually the only option when the majority of your shingles have been hit and damaged by hail.

Lightning That Causes Holes Or Fire

Lightning is another serious threat to your home because lightning damage can be severe. Your roof and entire home could catch fire after a lightning strike. Lightning seeks the highest point on your house, which puts your roof in danger. The shock wave of a powerful strike can be enough to destroy your chimney and cause bricks to fly and damage your roof. The lightning bolt could even hit your roof directly and puncture your roof. The roof may also smolder or burn when the lightning strikes it or the gutters or other metal parts around the roof. The type of storm damage repairs needed after a lightning strike could include replacing damaged shingles, repairing a hole in the roof deck, or replacing the entire roof.

When something loud like hail or lightning damages your roof, you'll probably know it if you're home. However, it's also possible for your roof to be damaged without you being aware. That's why it's a good idea to have a roof inspection when you suspect your roof might be damaged so repairs can be done promptly before your roof starts leaking. Visit a site like atlantaroofing.com to learn more.