Tips to Protect Your Asphalt Driveway From Moss Growth

Posted on: 23 April 2019

Your asphalt driveway provides you with a secure place to park your vehicles and gives the kids all kinds of surface area to draw with chalk, ride their bikes and just have fun. Unfortunately, moss growth can occur and begin to damage your asphalt driveway. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you kill the moss and prevent its regrowth this season.

Mark the Puddles

The next time it rains, get out to the driveway and mark the areas that hold water. These puddles will contribute to the break-down of the asphalt and the moisture left sitting on the surface will provide moss with the perfect condition to grow.

After you've marked the puddles, wait for the asphalt to dry. Then, get a bucket of cold patch and fill the dips. Cover the patch with a sheet of wood large enough to cover it plus a few inches on each side and walk over it — you may want to drive over it with your vehicle just to be sure that it's compacted as much as possible.

Wash Away Debris

If you have debris sitting on the asphalt, it will contribute to the growth of moss. Take the time to sweep or spray off your driveway to remove the dirt and debris. If it continues to wash back onto the surface after each rain, put a barrier along the driveway — this barrier is meant to keep the rainwater from washing dirt onto the driveway and giving the moss the dirt it needs to root.

Kill Existing Moss

You will need to remove existing moss and kill the spores that are hiding below the surface. To do this, get a flat spade and scrape the moss off the surface — make sure to get the soil underneath it as well. Then, spray the area with your favorite herbicide. Just be sure to read the warnings on the product to ensure that it's safe for use on asphalt and will not kill the surrounding plants.

After you remove the moss and treat the area, you should be able to just monitor the area for dirt and regrowth. If the moss has been growing there for a while, it may take a few treatments before all of the spores are killed and the moss doesn't regrow.

If there is asphalt damage from the moss or you can't get it to go away, it might be time for professional help. Talk with your local asphalt repair technician to learn more about preventing moss growth on your asphalt driveway or how to repair the damage left behind.