Having A Hard Time Lifting Your Garage Door? Your Old Springs Could Be Bad

Posted on: 14 September 2018

If you have a hard time getting your old garage door to raise and stay in place, it may be due to the springs. Just like your garage door, springs can wear out from old age. The weakened springs can struggle to lift and support your garage door's weight. Here's more information about your old garage door springs and how you can repair or replace them without risking your safety.

What Should You Know About Your Springs?

Garage door springs create a huge amount of tension to lift and hold your door in place. Older door springs may not have the strength to raise a heavy garage door properly. If some of the springs' coils break, they can give out when you least expect it and cause the door to fall haplessly to the floor.

The falling door can cause a great booming or crashing sound as it collapses to the floor. The broken springs may actually whip out of place as they break loose from the door post and surrounding wall. Anyone standing near or under the garage door as it falls may become seriously injured as well.

You should never repair, replace, or inspect garage door springs yourself. For safety's sake, contact a garage door professional instead. 

How Can a Pro Secure Your Garage Door Springs?

A professional garage door contractor will generally inspect the entire door before they make any changes or repairs to your garage door springs. There may be hidden problems in the brackets, cables, and other support pieces attached or connected to the springs. The garage door itself may be out of balance or bent from the problems caused by your springs. 

After a garage door specialist secures your springs and door, they may offer to inspect and balance your garage door on a regular schedule. If you use your garage many times during the day or week, it may be in your best interest to have it maintained regularly. Heavily used garage door springs can quickly wear out. 

In addition, keep the metal and mechanical parts in and around your garage door well-oiled or lubricated throughout the year. If the parts dry out, they can wear out or fail. Report any problems, such as rust or breakage, to a garage door contractor immediately.

For more information about your old garage door springs or any other issue with your garage door, call and speak to a professional garage door spring repair service today.