Useful Safety Tips For Water Well Drilling Contractors

Posted on: 8 February 2018

If you're a drilling contractor, you spend hours each day drilling commercial and residential wells for clients. These jobs are not only demanding, they can be dangerous if you're not careful. Make sure each job goes as planned by keeping in mind these drilling safety tips. 

Wear Appropriate Hard Hats

Your best friend when it comes to preventing severe head injuries is an appropriate hard hat. They'll shield your head from severe blows, which might occur if pipes are not properly anchored or if machines malfunction unexpectedly. 

It's important to select a hat that fits your particular head shape so that you can wear it comfortably for hours. Also consider a hard hat made from composite materials, as they are durable and extremely lightweight. Your head movement won't be hindered in the slightest. 

Employ Situational Awareness 

Since heavy-duty machinery and specialized equipment are used on these drill sites, it's essential that you employ situational awareness at all times when working. This means actively paying attention to the environment around you, not just the task you have been assigned to complete. 

When operating heavy machinery, make sure the path is clear and be extremely careful when rotating and changing directions. You wouldn't want to knock somewhere down because you failed to double-check the surrounding area, after all.

To facilitate situational awareness, consider communicating with push-to-talk radio devices. You can let other drillers know where you are and what task you're trying to complete. With everyone being on the same page, fewer accidents will occur. 

Account for Cold Weather 

There will be times when you have to drill water wells in cold weather. Since these colder elements are different to work in and leave you more susceptible to injury, you need to make the necessary preparations. Start by servicing equipment more frequently, to ensure everything works as it should. This includes checking each machine's tire pressure, air filters, and engine oil.

If you utilize a lot of diesel equipment, you'll want to put in special additives to prevent moisture from causing severe damage. Also think about using lighter, more synthetic oils. They help ensure integral parts don't experience premature wear and tear.

Just because drilling water wells is a highly technical and sometimes physically demanding task, doesn't mean you can't complete jobs safely. You can enhance safety for everyone involved in these jobs by using the right gear and understanding drill-related safety protocol. Contact a company, like Bohs Well Drilling Inc, for more help