The Benefits Of Having Your Trees Trimmed In The Fall

Posted on: 7 August 2017

It is recommended that you trim your trees once a year. However, you may find yourself wondering if the time of the year matters. Some experts recommend trimming the trees in late winter or early spring to make way for new growth. Others recommend having your trees trimmed in the fall. Here are a few benefits of having your trees trimmed in the fall months. 

Prevents Leaves From Clogging Your Gutters

One of the benefits of having your trees trimmed in the fall months is that it prevents leaves from clogging your gutters. If your branches are overgrown, they may hang over the gutters. As the leaves fall off during the fall and winter months, they can clog your gutters which prevent water from flowing. This can lead to ice dams on your roof, or a gutter blockage that can cause water to fall against your home's siding or foundation. Trimming back your trees before leaves begin to fall helps to keep them out of your gutter. 

Prevents Dead Limbs From Falling 

Another benefit of having your trees trimmed in the fall is that it helps to prevent dead limbs from falling. In the winter months, weather elements make it more likely that a dead limb or branch will fall. Wind gusts and the weight of ice or snow can cause this to happen. Removing any dead limbs or branches before winter helps to prevent this. This is important as you can be held liable if a dead branch or limb falls on someone's car or a person, as it is your responsibility to maintain the trees on your property. 

Trimming Helps Distribute Sunshine

The last benefit to having your trees trimmed in the fall is that trimming helps to distribute sunshine. When the dead growth and branches that are not needed are trimmed away, it helps the sunlight hit the branches that are alive and thriving. It may also help the sunlight to go through the tree and hit the grass and shrubs that are planted under the tree. There may not be as much sunshine in the winter months, so trimming helps your tree make use of what sunlight there is to help the tree and other greenery in the area stay alive and thrive during these cold months. 

If you need your tree trimmed, a tree trimming service like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. can help. They can help ensure that your trees are correctly and properly trimmed. Call one today to schedule your fall tree trimming service.