3 Different Types Of Concrete Repairs That You May Need To Have Done Around The Home

Posted on: 17 July 2017

The modern home has many concrete features, such as driveways, foundations, and finishes. Over the years, the concrete work around your home may become damaged and need repair. Some of the repairs that are needed for concrete may be serious structural problems, while other damages are just cosmetic problems that simple repairs will fix. Here are some of the repairs that you are likely going to need for your home:

1. Damage to Concrete of Foundation That Causes Structural Problems

Concrete foundations are prone to damage from problems such as settling, cracks, and erosion. These issues with concrete cause serious structural problems and sometimes water damage. To ensure you do not have problems with the foundation of your home, it is important to have regular inspections and repairs done to the foundation. Homes with basement foundations are especially prone to some of these problems.

2. Different Causes of Damage to Pavement Surfaces and Repairing Them

Pavements are also subject to problems with the wear that they get from foot or vehicle traffic. The pavement for driveways that get a lot of vehicle traffic should be reinforced to prevent damage. There are many options to give pavements a surface that is more attractive, such as stamped or layover finishes. Some of the problems may only be deterioration of the surface; a layover finish is ideal to use for these types of repairs. If your concrete needs to be completely replaced, consider solutions like stamped concrete for the new finish.

3. Giving Ugly Concrete New Custom Finishes and Surfaces for An Attractive Look

There are also options that you may want to consider giving old, ugly concrete a new attractive finish. For concrete surfaces inside your home, solutions like epoxy coatings or acid stained finishes will give your concrete the look of custom flooring. The epoxy and acid stain solutions are ideal for areas like garages, basements, and shop areas. Acid staining is an ideal solution for areas where you want to have affordable custom floors that are durable, and it is also ideal for outdoor spaces like patios. For textured surfaces outdoors, concrete overlay is a great choice. Overlay finishes are an affordable solution to give outdoor concrete surfaces the look of natural stone. 

These are some of the concrete repairs that you are likely going to need for the concrete features around your home. Contact a concrete repair contractor to help with these repairs and custom concrete work you need for your home. For more information, talk to companies like Haas Construction.