Tips For Caring For Your Window Unit Air Conditioner

Posted on: 21 February 2017

Window unit air conditioners can be a common option for individuals that live in condos, apartments, or small houses. While these units will not require the type of intensive maintenance that central units need, they still must receive some basic care in order to continue functioning efficiently.

Avoid Blocking The Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are among the most important components for allowing the air conditioner to cool the air that it blows into your house. These coils allow the refrigerant to vent any heat that was absorbed while the unit was in operation. If your unit's coils are blocked, they will not get enough air to adequately cool the refrigerant, and this can lead to the unit failing to function effectively. In addition to keeping objects several feet from these coils, you also need to wash them as dust, pollen and dirt may get on the coils. These substances can insulate the coils, which will limit their ability to expel the heat absorbed by the refrigerant.

Check The Interior And Exterior Weatherstripping Around The Unit

To prevent water from seeping into the house and drafts developing around the unit, weatherstripping will be installed on both the interior and exterior of the unit. This stripping will close any gaps that may exist between the unit and your home. While these materials are secured in place with powerful adhesives, they may still come loose over the years. By regularly checking the weatherstripping, you will be able to know when to add more adhesive to it so that your house avoids some damages and problems. When checking the weatherstripping, you should look for any visible signs of it pulling away, and you will want to give it a gentle pull to see if it is easily moved.

Dust The Interior Vents Frequently

The interior vents of the air conditioner may not seem like they are very important, but these vents allow air to enter the unit to be cooled. As a result of the large amounts of air that pass over these vents, dust can gather in them. Sadly, these dust accumulations can be sucked into the air conditioner, which can lead to it being spread around the house. Also, this dust can clog the mechanical components of the air conditioner. When cleaning these vents, you should only use water and a cloth rag. Otherwise, the cleaning agents you are using may degrade the seals of the system while also corroding the metal parts of the air conditioner.