Dispelling Potentially Costly and Dangerous Chimney-Maintenance Myths

Posted on: 12 January 2017

The fact is that your fireplace will likely require more maintenance than you may realize. In particular, it is critical for you to keep the chimney in the best condition possible, or else your home may experience any number of potentially serious problems. By understanding the truth when it concerns several common misconceptions, you can enhance and improve your ability to care for this part of your house.

Myth: Chimney Sweeping Is Not Important Maintenance

There are many homeowners that assume chimney sweeping is not an overly important task to have done. Yet, ash and other debris can gradually grow to block the air flowing from the chimney. Additionally, it can be possible for these materials to ignite, and this could lead to an extremely damaging chimney fire. Avoiding the potentially dangerous consequences of these problems entails having your chimney professionally swept before you use the chimney for the first time each winter.

Myth: There Is Nothing That Can Be Done to Prevent Animals from Nesting in the Chimney

Nests being built in the chimney can be an extremely hazardous problem to experience, and it is fairly common, as a chimney can be a great location for avoiding predators. Unfortunately, some homeowners simply assume that preventing this problem will be impossible. However, you can have a chimney guard installed that will help to prevent this from occurring. Furthermore, it is possible to treat the chimney and the surrounding roof with animal repellent, which can greatly reduce the tendency of birds and squirrels to target your chimney. When using animal repellents, you will want to treat the chimney every few months, as these substances will wash away due to rain.

Myth: All Chimney Inspections Are the Same

Sadly, homeowners may not have their chimneys regularly inspected, and this can make it difficult for them to know the difference between the various types of inspections that can be done. For example, a standard inspection will simply involve determining whether there is sufficient soot to warrant sweeping the chimney and whether obvious damages are present. A more detailed inspection will involve the use of special equipment to closely analyze the sides of the chimney for small cracks and other signs of structural damage. When having the chimney inspected on an annual basis, you will be able to simply opt for the first type of inspection, as it will be the most affordable. However, you should commit to having a more detailed inspection done every few years by a company such as Allstate Chimney Service so that potential problems can be repaired before they cause expensive damages.