Can A Ductless Heat Pump Help You And Your Home?

Posted on: 6 December 2016

Heating your house and ensuring that it is cool during the summer is one of the responsibilities that you have as a homeowner. You may have heard about ductless heat pumps, but you might not be quite sure whether you want to get one or if it would be useful for your house. Here are four situations where a heat pump would work well for you.

You're Currently Using Window Units for Air Conditioning

If your house isn't outfitted with a central air system, it's likely that you're using window units to cool the living areas of your house. Over time, you might have some window frame damage from the weight of the unit and any leaking that has occurred. As a result, you might have to start looking into window repairs. To avoid all those extra costs, you can have a ductless heat pump put in.

When you have a ductless system installed, you'll be able to ditch those units in favor of ductless mini-units in each room that will both heat and cool the space without having to bear the expense of a central air system and deal with the intensive work of cutting into the walls and placing various ducts.

You Want to Renovate Your House

If your family is growing or you just want to make your home bigger, renovations may be in order. However, if you have a traditional heating and cooling system, you will also have the additional headache of figuring out how you will extend ductwork to cool and heat those new spaces. With a ductless heat pump installed, all you will have to do is to get additional mini-units and hook them up to the pump.

You Want to Convert the Garage Into Living Space

One challenge of converting a garage into an all-season living space is figuring out how the temperature will be regulated. If you use a ductless system, you will simply place a mini-unit in the garage and you're all set.

You're Building Your Dream House

If you're in the planning stages of making a new house, you may have the layout already planned in your mind. However, after talking to your contractor, you may learn you have to change your plans to accommodate air ducts, baseboards, and other systems. With a ductless heat pump, those things are no longer a consideration and you can plan the home the way you want.

After reading about the ways that a ductless heat pump could be beneficial, you may want to contact a local HVAC expert. They can give you more details about whether or not this kind of pump makes sense for you.