Architectural Glass Railings For Residential Buildings

Posted on: 6 August 2016

Architectural glass railings are an attractive feature of many residential buildings in urban and suburban locations. Glass railings are decorative and can provide varying degrees of privacy and security for your residence. If you have a residence in a scenic location, an architectural glass railing can be a desirable option to enclose a patio or outdoor seating and/or entertainment area. Here are some options to consider when installing a residential glass railing: 

  • Decorative Glass Railing Panels - Glass railing panels can be decorated with abstract designs or patterns from nature to make them more visible on your barrier railings. Decorative designs can be achieved by chemical etching, sandblasting, and glass carving. The density of the applied design will allow for varying amounts of visibility through the glass panels. 
  • Tinted Glass Railing Panels - Architectural glass railing panels can be left clear to allow for the maximum amount of visibility through the panels. These glass panels can be subtly tinted blue or green to blend in naturally with your specific landscape location. These tints are the natural colors inherent in laminated architectural glass. Glass railing panels can also be tinted with other colors to blend with the colors of your residential building and/or surrounding neighborhood.   
  • Lighted Glass Railing Panels - Glass railing panels can be installed with tubular lights encased within the bottom and/or top rails to internally illuminate the railing. These light bulbs can be clear, frosted, or colored. These internal lights can be controlled by an electronic rheostat to vary the amount of light that illuminates each of the glass railing panels. 
  • Textured Glass Railing Panels - Glass railing panels can be constructed of textured glass to give the railing another level of definition. Textured glass panels limit the visibility of objects on either side of the glass and can be used as security and privacy features for a residence. Textured glass allows a maximum of light to shine through the panel but obscures the visual details that can be seen. 
  • Rod Iron or Wood-Framed Railing Panels - Rod Iron and/or wood frames can be added to the top and bottom rails of architectural glass railing panels for visual definition. These materials soften the look of an architectural glass railing and can complement and easily blend in with rustic and classic styles of residential buildings. Solid rod iron and/or wood railing panels can also be installed next to glass railing panels as desired for more privacy in specific areas.   

Architectural glass railings are laminated and tempered for strength and durability and can be installed in many different forms for a variety of viewing and security features. All of the above architectural glass railing options can be combined and customized to create a unique look for your residential building. If you would like to install an architectural glass railing on your residence, contact your building contractor who can advise you of your available options and associated costs. Architectural glass railings are beautiful and capable of distinguishing your residence by adding to its unique character.

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