2 Reasons To Consider A Saltwater Spa

Posted on: 20 June 2016

Traditional chlorinated spas are a great addition to many homes due to all of the health and relaxation benefits that they can provide, but a saltwater spa can provide many of the same benefits as well as a few additional ones. A saltwater spa differs from a traditional spa in that it uses a chlorine generator to convert normal table salt into chlorine constantly rather than having to drop chlorine tablets into the spa. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider a saltwater spa.

Alleviates Discomfort

One of the biggest reasons that most people utilize a spa is to help rid themselves of pain and discomfort. However, the salt content in a saltwater spa can make your spa much more effective at alleviating your pain.

For example, floating in a spa is a great way to deal with arthritis pain because it gets pressure off of your joints. The salt in the saltwater spa will actually make your body a bit more buoyant, which will take even more pressure off of your joints. These spas can also help deal with swelling joints and muscles after a long day at work or at the gym because the salt will draw some of the fluid that is causing the swelling out through your skin. 

In addition, a saltwater spa can also alleviate some of the discomforts that the chlorine in normal spas can cause. Since the saltwater spa will have lower chlorine levels, it is much less likely that you will experience skin rashes or eye irritation when using the spa.

Removes Odor

A complaint that many people have about traditional spas is that they can often have a very strong and unpleasant chlorine odor. While this odor is at its strongest when the spa cover is first removed, it can persist throughout the entire time that you are in the spa. In some cases, you may find that the smell of chlorine was strong enough that it is on your skin and in your hair after you leave the spa. 

A saltwater spa can help you remove this odor because it does not ever have as high of a concentration of chlorine as a traditional spa. Since your spa will be producing chlorine from the salt in the water all day, the chlorine levels will be much lower than when you drop a concentrated chlorine tablet into a normal spa. 

Contact a spa dealer or spa construction contractor today in order to discuss whether a saltwater spa is a good fit for your home and family. These spas are a great way to alleviate all manner of discomfort while also removing the odor associated with chlorine.