Preventing Water Leaks From Occurring In The Home

Posted on: 19 April 2016

What may start as a small leak under a sink can end up causing major structural damage to your home if it goes unnoticed. On average, a home will lose 14% of its water to a leak. This is like money going down the drain. The worst leak is one that can be prevented. Statistics show that 93% of leaks could have been prevented just by using a leak detection system. You also want to determine where leaks are likely to occur. Finally, you should have your home checked over by a professional to ensure there are no problematic areas. 

Install a Leak Detection System

To help avoid leaks from occurring in the first place you may want to consider installing a leak detection system in your home. A passive water leak detection system can run you about $8 to $45 and will alert you if there is a leak. Once you hear an alarm, you will be required to stop the leak, as the passive system will not stop a leak on its own. Not all leaks have an outside source.  

Know Where to Look

One of the best ways to prevent leaks in the home is to know where to find them. Leaks can be cumulative, and building materials will start to absorb the water, making it very unnoticeable over time. Experts suggest that your toilet is likely to lose around 20% to 35% of water. One way to determine if your toilet may be leaking is by taking the top of the tank off and listening for running water or a hissing sound. 

Another place you want to check for leaks is the basement. This is especially important if you don't use your basement as much. Water that sits in a cool damp atmosphere can create a haven for mold and mildew. To ensure that your basement does not flood, you want to check your foundation for cracks. You also want to make sure your sump pump is working properly. 

Have Your Home Inspected

Catching the problem early can end up saving you a lot of trouble and money. Just because you do not see a leak, it does not mean there isn't one lurking somewhere. If you notice signs that you may have a water leak, like a higher meter reading than usual, you should call in a professional to inspect your home both inside and out. By knowing the history of the home, you can also determine whether water may be an issue. It can get in the walls and under the floors making it very difficult to find. A professional will be able to use their tools to determine if there is a leak or not. 

If you do suffer water damage, contact a cleanup professional in your area.