4 Solutions For Reinforcing Pavement To Reduce Maintenance And Repair Costs

Posted on: 21 February 2016

If you have pavement for the different facilities of your business, maintenance and repairs are important for the upkeep. This also means more cost for your business, which is why you may want to consider improvements to reduce maintenance and repairs. Here are some of the things that you can do to make pavement more durable and reduce your maintenance costs:

1. Adding Sealcoating To Prevent Erosion Problems

One of the main causes of damage to pavements is erosion. This can cause voids under your pavement, which can eventually lead to cracking and holes. To prevent this and protect your pavement, a sealcoat can be added, which will give the material a protective coating and prevent erosion of the gravel and dirt that is beneath it. 

2. Concrete Cutting To Prevent Cracks From Settling Issues

Cracking can also be caused by uneven settling of the pavement. This is often caused by large slabs of pavement that settle unevenly. Concrete cutting can be done in areas of the pavement to allow it to settle naturally and prevent cracking caused by the tension of settling. This is a good idea for concrete pavement that is installed on soft soils, but it can also be used for some asphalt applications where cracking is a concern.

3. Solve Erosion Problems By Installing Drainage Systems

If there is excessive runoff that comes from the surrounding elevations around pavement, poor drainage can lead to erosion problems. To solve this problem, drainage systems can be installed in and near the pavement to deal with runoff and prevent erosion problems. This is a good idea in areas with hilly terrain and high annual rainfall.

4. Do Small Repairs To Cracks And Other Damage To Prevent Problems

Preventative maintenance is something that can be done to stop problems from spreading. When you notice cracks, erosion or other problems with pavement, early repairs can help prevent costly problems. It is a good idea to occasionally evaluate pavement for any signs of damage and do the needed repairs before they become too big.

These are some of the things that you may want to consider to reduce the maintenance and repair costs of your pavement. If you need to have your pavement repaired, contact an asphalt pavement contractor in your area and talk with them about doing some of these additional improvements. The pavement contractor can help you with preventive maintenance to reduce the repair costs of your pavement problems.