3 Reasons To Use Ready Mix Concrete For Your New Driveway

Posted on: 21 September 2015

Do you need a new concrete driveway? If so, you'll need to make a decision about whether you'll use ready-mix concrete or concrete that is mixed onsite. With onsite mixing, your concrete contractor will bring all of the materials to your home and will then mix the concrete in a large container or wheelbarrow before applying it to the driveway. With ready-mix concrete, the concrete is made as part of a large batch at a facility. It's then loaded into a mixing truck, where it can continue to mix while it's in transit. When it arrives at your house, workers can apply it straight from the truck onto your driveway. Here are three reasons why you may want to use ready mix for your driveway project:

It's faster to apply. Ready mix may cost more because you have to get the services of a mixing truck involved in the process. However, the job of actually applying the concrete will be much faster than if you have the concrete mixed onsite. The reason is clear. You're eliminating mixing from the amount of work that needs to be done at your home. The truck arrives and unloads the concrete mix down a chute. The workers apply it as it comes out. What may take all day with onsite mixing can be cut down to only a fraction of the required time.

There's better consistency. A consistent mixture is critical to the life and durability of your driveway. A concrete mixture needs a specific level of air in the mix. This air helps to form pockets where moisture in the concrete can evaporate. That reduces the likelihood of moisture-induced cracks occurring.

Of course, when the concrete is mixed onsite by hand, the contractors are often relying on their past experience and gut instinct to get the mixture right. When it's mixed at a plant, there's more precision involved because the contractor is using high-tech mixing machines to get the mixture right. Although not always the case, ready mix is often made with more consistency and accuracy than onsite mixed concrete.

You have more aesthetic options. It's become popular to get concrete that has special color tints and shades mixed in to meet certain stylistic goals. Maybe you don't want the traditional grey concrete, but rather want a darker or lighter shade to match other elements of your home. With ready-mix concrete, they can add in those colors at the plant and then mix them in while the truck is on the way to your house. It's very difficult to add in those colors with onsite mixing because it's tough to get the amounts of colors right.

For more information, talk to a concrete contractor in your area like Corey Co LLC. They can help you decide if ready mix is right for you.