How To Create An Elegant Entrance To Your Home

Posted on: 15 June 2015

Are you building a new home, or are you making dramatic changes in your present one? Either way, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create an elegant entrance to your home.

The Landscaping - Of course, you have probably already thought of the fact that your front yard landscaping is the first thing that you and others will notice as you approach your home. 

  • Besides the ground cover and plants, consider having a graceful fountain as part of the landscape.
  • In addition, think about making topiaries part of the design. If you are artistic yourself, consider trying your hand at a simple design you create out of an existing hedge. However, already established topiaries are ready to plant for you right from a good nursery.
  • Consider having a walkway made of brick, flagstone or tiles. Any one of those would be sensational and they would be easy to care for.

The Outdoor Entry - Whether you have a wrap-around porch or simply a small stoop, pay attention to detail of the entry to your home.

  • Again, picking the right plants in perfect containers would be gorgeous.
  • If you don't have enough room for plants, consider hanging lovely ones at strategic places in front of the door, or place half pots on the walls and fill them with plants that hang over the edges of the pots.
  • Select a dramatic front door. Red, turquoise or another bold color would be a fabulous look. If there's room, consider French doors. Also, a door that includes a Tiffany window would be lovely.
  • As you pick the hardware for the door and for your doorbell, consider brass with an intricate design in it. Other pretty choices would be jeweled- toned doorknobs, especially if you have selected a door with a Tiffany window in it.

The Foyer - You're finally inside your beautiful home! 

  • If your foyer is large, consider having matching side tables that face each other on both walls. If the space is small, one side table would be lovely, too. In either case, consider placing an occasional chair next to the side table you have chosen. For the elegant mood you want to set, select formal furniture. 
  • If you have chosen hardwood floors (from companies like Whiteford Hardwood Floors Unlimited LLC), you have already chosen an elegant look. Consider placing a beautiful rug on the floor, not only for added elegance, but because this well-traveled area of your home will be protected. An Oriental rug would be amazing!
  • A formal entry way deserves an amazing chandelier. Crystal, glass or porcelain would all be lovely.
  • The foyer is a good place to place a large mirror, original paintings, sculptures and other forms of art. A sculpture on your side tables would be sensational.

The Staircase - If you've seen the movie Gone With The Wind, you probably remember the scene where Rhett Butler takes Scarlett O'Hara in his arms as they ascend the marvelous staircase to the second floor. Make your staircase just as memorable!

  • There is nothing quite like a rich wooden staircase. Wooden staircases are classic and timeless.
  • Besides being lovely, wood is affordable and very durable.
  • Your wooden staircase and handrails will be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Consider having them coated or varnished for protection from every day use.

Have a wonderful time creating an elegant entrance to your home.