How Restaurant Owners Can Keep Their Sewer Systems Clear And Flowing

Posted on: 14 January 2015

If you're a restaurant owner, it's important to keep your sewer lines clear of grease and other debris that can quickly build up and lead to blockages. Perhaps the best method available to keep your sewer system in good working order is through water jetting, a process that involves blasting high-pressure water through your system to clear sewer systems quickly and thoroughly. Here is everything you need to know about water jetting and how it can benefit you.

The Issue

Many restaurant owners already have plumbing services that utilize a snake or cable clearing method, but often find that clogs and other sewer problems are a constantly recurring problem. Grease from hundreds of meals and food particles can quickly build up and even calcify within your sewer system. Unfortunately, cabling and snaking methods don't work well on grease or softer blockages, which means blockages can quickly come back.

What Does Water Jetting Involve?

Water jetting is seen as a way to effectively and efficiently remove grease, build-up in drains, sludge, and scaling.  Qualified sewer technicians like Alpha-Omega Plumbing Repair utilize a water jetting machine that comes with pumps, hoses and other technology specifically designed to clear pipes with just normal water. Technicians insert hoses that have specially designed nozzles attached from this machine into your sewer system. These nozzles help direct highly concentrated water throughout your entire sewer system, and are also designed to allow water to flow in a wide range of directions to reach every corner of your piping.

The concentrated water produced by this method is so powerful that it can help break apart even the most difficult blockages, keeping your pipes flowing and your business running.

Additional Benefits of Water Jetting

In addition, water jetting is an environmentally friendly way to clean your drains. Most rigs simply use high-pressure water to blast sewer systems clean without any chemicals required.

Water jetting is also cost effective, and can help you save money over the long run by reducing the need for sewer cleaning when only standard sewer cleaning methods are utilized. On top of that, clogs can jeopardize your restaurant business, and even lead restaurant owners to suspend operations. Water jetting helps you avoid this downtime at your restaurant for a problem that is easily preventable with the right equipment.

Depending on your sewer system and the amount of waste that goes through it, water jetting may only be necessary one to two times a year. However, in some cases the sewer system connected to your restaurant may require cleanings quarterly and sometimes even monthly.

If you own a restaurant, water jetting may just be the sewer solution you're looking for. Speak with a plumbing or sewer specialist company about this option, and you'll see why water jetting is the new go-to sewer cleaning method in the restaurant industry.