Four Things You Should Now About Safety When Doing Maintenance On Your Roof

Posted on: 5 January 2015

The maintenance you do on your roof is important, and you may not want to call the roofing service for every simple repair. You may want to do something like patch a small hole in shingles, or clean debris off your roof. No matter what the task is you are doing, you want to be as safe as possible to prevent potential accidents from falling off the roof. Here are four things that you should know about safety when doing any maintenance on your roof:

1. Always Use Fall Protection Equipment

There are many different types of fall protection systems. You will want to have at least a rope, and an OSHA approved safety harness. This is something that you can get from any building supplier, but if you do not want to buy the equipment, you can sometimes rent it from tool rental services. If you plan to do a lot of roof maintenance yourself, it is a good idea to invest in good safety equipment.

2. Clean Your Roof From The Top To The Bottom

One of the tasks that you may do on your roof is clean the roof or sweep it off. This task should be done from the top of the roof, working your way to the bottom. This will ensure that you do not slip on things like leaves and debris on the roof. If you are doing this with a garden hose, you want to do this slowly and steadily to give the water time to drain down the roof before you move down. You should always avoid walking on the wet areas of the roof. If you are going to also clean the gutters, give the roof enough time to dry before moving to the edge of the roof.

3. Checking The Distance Of Your Safety Ropes

Your safety ropes should be tied to the ridge at the top of the roof, and be a safe distance from the edge. You should have enough rope to go all the way to the edge of the roof to be able to work safely. The safety rope should never be allowed to let you move past the edge of the roof, where you could fall and potentially seriously injure yourself.

4. Removing Safety Equipment And Patching Holes

When removing the safety equipment, you will also want to be careful. It is best to have another person with you to help you tie safety ropes. You will want to remove the anchors and patch any holes from nails with roofing cement. You can tie the safety rope to a tree or solid anchor on the ground and have the other person make sure it is securely in place as you work your way off the roof.

These are some of the things you should know about safety when you are doing maintenance on your roof. If you have extensive repairs to do, or your roof is too steep, consider calling a professional roofing service, like GBS Enterprises Roofing, to do the repairs and maintenance for you. There are even services that do simple tasks like cleaning the roof for you.